Tuesday, 26 February 2013

toubkhal and the atlas mountains ....

On Saturday a large group of us from the conference headed to the Atlas Mountains near Imlil, overlooking Toubkhal which is the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro. We all had such an amazing day but more so the deeper we travelled into the mountains and away from Berber hawkers who just do not leave you alone.

You will see in the photos a few of our visit to a local market and how different their lives are from ours. Certainly their lives are harsh and I hope some of these photos don't offend you. I found their meat market far less overwhelming than those in Libya where shops were set around the slaughter square, or butcher shops were denoted but a pole stuck outside with a cows headstock on it ..... The smell is never wonderful. Neither were they pleasant when we found ourselves in the tanneries at the back of Marrakech. Interesting nevertheless.

You will see a photograph amidst these which is one of my favourites - a Berber on mule back, waiting patiently chatting away on his mobile phone. A collision of cliches here in the mountain foothills. No doubt we will see much more when we journey further into the desert for our Sahara trip. Can't wait for that actually. Only eight of us are going on this two day trip, sleeping in Berber tents and eating under the stars. I am sure it will be worth posting about.

Really this is such an easy way to keep my children and other family and friends abreast of my doings whilst away and it is wonderful to share with my 'tribe' too - really enjoy having your comments though I won't often get to respond Individually.


  1. I love your book work, Susan. But frankly, I am appalled at seeing photos of slaughtered animals on your blog. I think you could have left this photo OUT.

  2. I am sorry to have offended you Connie Rose. Not my intention at all and as you can see, the photograph has now been removed.

  3. Hello again Susan, I'm so enjoying following your journey and am wishing I was on it too !
    I find it difficult to go along with Connie's comment.
    I don't think any of us like seeing slaughtered animals but that is the reality of our lives, some of us eat meat and it doesn't exist clinically in a pack at the supermarket it was a living creature .
    I'm looking forward to the trip into the mountains now in a photographic way.
    Lovely to see the photo of you both together - what memories you have to share.
    Love to you.

  4. Thanks for that comment Diane. I find the different ways people live quite fascinating, sometimes confronting but I never like to upset people which is why I removed the photo. We have had a couple of quiet days, and I have just had my first moroccan hammam - body scrub on hot stone, and a facial. All I want to do now is sleep but we have a special conference dinner here tonight which we will attend. Off early tomorrow for our trip through the mountains and into the desert, sleeping inberber tents and riding camels. Not sure Steve is keen but I will have a go! xsusanx

  5. It is interesting following your trip. Travel is supposed to broaden the mind, and it is fascinating to see the details of how others live. I think that it is only in that way that we appreciate aspects of our own lives. Like you, I'm amused by the accelleration of some technologies over others: the mobile phone in use while riding a mule. This is evolution in action where we choose the improvements in life most suited to our situation.

  6. I love the stunning trees, branches and shadows.Having just been on a special trip of my own - to Thailand - I can only echo how fascinating and uplifting it all is to see how others live and the landscapes in which they live.


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