Thursday, 23 October 2014

what colour is green .....

It takes nature to bring this much colour into my blog ..... big gulps of fresh green after my busy couple of months leading up to the Open studio days which have been and gone.  Two happy and successful days which made the effort worthwhile and so many interested people who have no idea about the practices of printmakers and book artists who were keen to ask questions and learn.

The next day Steve and I headed off to the Bunya Mountains with friends for a few days of walking and resting.  Bliss.  We had perfect weather as you can see from the photographs though part of me was slightly disappointed as I imagine walking through these tangled forests in mist and damp would be incredibly beautiful - or should I say beautiful in a different way.  The sunshine was welcome and though I missed the mystery of the mists, the contrast of light and shade in the forests was sublime.

I am off to New Zealand in the morning with Fiona where she will be speaking at a Book Conference in Auckland about our collaboration and I will be riding on her shirt tails!  How lucky am I to have in her someone who is so competent at both writing articles and speaking in public.  My days for that are thankfully over and yet I will receive kudos from her talents by mere association.