Friday, 24 February 2012

Looking back to move forward

I have a series of photos taken a few years ago that I have not known what to do with yet think they are quite beautiful.  It was of those serendipitous moments when something magic appears and you try to capture it the best you can with your camera.  Sometimes those moments just slip by with only a visual capture and they are stored in your memory bank.  Other times you are thankful to have a camera close by.

These gorgeous images are of ice - frozen water in a jug left in a too cold fridge.  I was about to leave home and took the photos way too quickly thinking that the moment would be lost.  A friend later asked me why I had not simply put the jug back in the fridge where it would stay frozen, and photograph with care and attention when time allowed.

I think the sheer delight in seeing these images swept all powers of reason away...........

They will make a beautiful set of images in an artist's book.  Still thinking about that, but I am glad to have brought them out of hiding and hope to do something creative with them soon.

Friday, 17 February 2012

A beginning...

Sitting here with my friend Fiona from Paperponderings, learning how to set up a blog.

This book is on its way to the New York Art Show in April with Galleria Bacchus.