Saturday, 25 July 2015

3d drawings .....

I have been away from my blog for two calendar months - but not away from the studio.  In fact I have been working quite hard on and off, getting ready for the big exhibition later this year.  What has kept me from the blog has been my health as I have saved all my energy and focus for main job at hand - completing some work.

During the last couple of months I have been exploring some new techniques and materials - both for drawing and for textural paintings.   Below you can see an image or two of one of my drawings, or a part thereof.  These are worked flat in mixed media and then I score and fold them to produce my 3D imagery.  I have only worked half a dozen but am planning another dozen and will choose my favourite combination from these to exhibit.  

The process of taking a drawing and then cutting the sheets is fraught with danger ..... so easy to cut too far through the work and spoil it.  I find I am continually holding my breath.

These photographs are poorly taken with me trying to hold a light and a camera simultaneously.  I have them pinned up on a section of wall in the studio where there is no light, and though they look okay like that, the addition of light makes such a huge difference.  I have been recycling many of the materials brought home from my father's architectural practice after his passing a couple of years ago now - it has taken until recently to realise how beautiful the aged drafting film and tracing papers are to work into.

I will post again on these once I am not juggling lights and cameras and can show them in their totemic state and not cross sections like this.  Each 'totem' is around 1200 - 100 cams in height and an installation accommodate as many as I want to make. In their first showing this will depend on space available.

I particularly like the look of these with light brought close up underneath - they really look 'lit from within'.  I imagine track lighting will be an important feature of showing this work.