Saturday, 23 February 2013

a change in culture .....

We are in Marrakech and it has brought back many of the sounds, smells and tastes I remember from my couple of years in Libya. The town is nothing like I remember from Libya though .... everything is red or shades thereof. Very ordered and green and at present, full of oranges trees abundant with fruit. Our riad Villa des Oranges is true to its name, sporting a selection of ornamental oranges and the pool surrounded by grasses and olives. Rose bushes are pruned right back and yet all the rooms and tables are festooned with roses - vases of them or long stems of them arranged in the fountains in each courtyard. The riad is a fine example of exquisite local craftsmanship - beautifully carved plaster work and every attention to detail. Quite a treat to stay here.

I will include a few photos taken around the riad and some of my favourites of our wander around the city and the souks. It is not so easy to label photos or specify what is what using this iPad method of blogging but at least you will see a few of the things I am seeing. If it is not too late for us to check in, we are heading up to the Atlas mountains tomorrow. They are a great surprise here in Marrakech which lies on the plain - every now and then you round a corner and see these snow clad mountains rising up out of the desert! Very striking.


  1. Hello Susan, How wonderful, I would just love to be there.
    One day I'll go.
    Love the colours and the workmanship you're showing in your photographs, what are those cone things ?


  2. I am a little disappointed with the quality of photo when blogging this way and as you can imagine it is hard to choose from hundreds of photos! The pointy things are spices - not as colorful as some of the spice pics I took but I loved the pointed sculpting of the spices. The smell draws you in - most of the time you have no idea what you are looking at!

  3. Great photos and memories of my time there 2 years ago. Thanks for posting on your trip, Susan X

  4. Love the riad Susan, especially the patterned ceiling and light and the earthy colours of your photos.

  5. I think you are doing quite well with your iPad and photo images.. we still get a feel of the colors and way of life... have a wonderful trip.

  6. S - thanks for sharing and making me so envious - such amazing visual feast. Had to laugh a bout the entrance to your accommodation. Go well and enjoy. B


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