Friday, 27 December 2013

wedding gift tick …..

Anna and James (who were married in October and whose wedding book I made and posted on) have just been here and chosen their engagement and wedding gifts!  Those of you who follow my blog will know that I have been sweating over this ….. not that I am not really happy Anna wanted my artwork for her gifts but the responsibility of offering up artwork that may or may not be loved and cherished is huge.  Commissions. Ugh!  Anyway, I came up with the idea of doing a number of different things …. settled on offering a choice of four pairs from the 'In Between Dreams' work and some of my vessels.

The 'cool' versions below were chosen, and two of my vessels which compliment each other nicely I think.  I am really pleased they went with the cooler version of the work as I have worked with earth colours for so long, but seem to be drawn to blues and more subtle tones at the moment.  Of course there is always the 'dark' which seems to be a signature of my work.  Will have to try and lighten that too - all sorts of creative changes in 2014 perhaps???

Watch this space!

These images are approximately 30cm x 30 cm and in the flesh there is more to be seen, and the blacks are deeper.  Because I have used graphite in a couple of the layers of work, it makes it more difficult to photograph. The photographs are a fair indicator of how they look however.  I am just so glad the choice has been made and the work appreciated. A good end to 2013.

These Vessel are each about 18cms x 11cms

This and the image below formed my favourite pair.

Monday, 23 December 2013

experimenting in the studio …..

I have not posted to my blog for over a month - mostly because I have been away, travelling down south and then holidaying at Noosa for a couple of weeks.  I feel renewed really after the heartache of late. Plenty of sunshine, warm sea and explorative kayaking …. delicious.

I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Gosh it has arrived quickly this year.  I hope you are all going to be celebrating happily with loved ones.  Wishing you all a really safe and happy time and a hugely creative year in 2014. I will look forward to having more time next year to both post to my blog, and visit you all on yours - have missed that this year. The joy of being able to peek into each other's work spaces - a wonderful privilege.

Below are some photographs of work I have been experimenting with in the studio - a continuation of recent work with engravings though trying to find alternative ways of shaping and blocking out shapes from the engraved marks.  Some things are working well, others still need work.  It is fun though - spending time playing with ideas and seeing the play may lead to - if anywhere.  I am enjoying the softness of the watercolours, a soft contrast to the strong images I have been working with of late.

After Christmas I will post on a really special project I have worked on this year - well shared in is more accurate.  The project has come to a close with the end of the year but it has bought enormous pleasure along the way.  Once the New Year begins I will be working on the collaborative book Fiona and I have begun, and then already, there are a number of quite exciting projects lines up for the year ahead.  I am very much looking forward to this coming year ……. feel it is going to be a good one.  Hope you are all feeling that too!

watercolours and graphite with engraved marks

trying to find a suitable white with which to block out - acrylic not quite what I am looking for

using windsor and newton gouache in transparent form - need to try it more thickly

getting some lovely effects with the transparent paint I think

old faithful black and white - working with different inking techniques

not happy with the white here but will keep trying - like the blues