Friday, 1 June 2018

22/52 ' looking for home' .....

This is a personal book about trying to find my place, my home.  Starting out with plenty of confusion and wandering in all directions.  Eventually, having passed close by several times, I found my resting place atop the hill.  My heart home.  So I guess it is really a book about searching.  The book pages were made a few years ago with paper left over when working on one of the collaborative works with Fiona Dempster - our 'envelope books'.   I tried at some stage to make them into a book previously but it was a very unsuccessful attempt and I ripped it apart.  The mapping pages have been sitting on/in one of my desk piles for years and have finally been made into a book which pleases me.

With a number of books this year I have used 'greyboard' mostly because it has been expeditious, but with this book I actually think it really suits the imagery.  A number of people who have been following my 'book a week project' have said  that this is their favourite so far and I would have to agree.  Probably because this one comes from the heart! It is a very simple little book but it has meaning.