Thursday, 14 February 2013

fourth date .....

You cannot imagine the excitement this morning when Fiona brought over her book for the 'date'.  This was our fourth bookmeet and we both feel totally thrilled with the result of these two books.

I am just including a few pics of the books together as tomorrow I will post on my book, as will Fiona on hers. I need to say this though - these books both really need to be handled to experience them properly.  The complete delight I had in Fiona's finished book cannot really be appreciated - though I am sure she will do her best to share with you photographically - unless you are able to view the book and see how the cutouts in the concertina spine reflect the light in star shaped patterns and then the wonderful surprise when the book is open up and around ....... I will leave that for Fiona to share.  I can say without reserve that of all the books she has made, I like this one best.

I am not going to say too much about mine or the collaborative experience until I post tomorrow as it will be the last post from my studio for some weeks.  Hope you drop in tomorrow!

Starry Starry Night x 2

the two books sit well together

nice play between the books

shadow play

front covers and Fiona's Book wrap on top - interesting to see her blue black book on my brown black one.


  1. Looks beautiful, excited to see both in more detail!

  2. I'll be here tomorrow come rain or come shine! These previews are gorgeous. I need to see them up close. Beam me down under, Scottie!

  3. Gorgeous! You two are so inspirational!

  4. They look so happy and companionable together don't they? I keep pinching myself at how lucky we are...


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