Wednesday, 25 May 2016

studio visits make for a studio bath .....

Like all of us who have played a part in both the Regional Marks exhibition and the other opportunities built around the Opening last Thursday, our heads are still spinning and grinning. The outcomes from the exhibition and supporting activities have been marvellous and are ongoing with printmakers meeting or contacting one another, wanting to meet up and share ideas, emails of congratulations arriving unexpectedly and so forth.  Such a buzz.

The exhibition was a great success and you can see some of the happenings on both the Regional Print blog and Fiona's blog.  

My role in all this was a quiet one, working on the catalogue, attending meetings and being part of the committee and though I couldn't be actively involved in some of the events, one which I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in was the studio visit day.

It was a simply glorious day up here on The Range so for the visitors to our studios, an absolute treat with coffee and a wander in Steph's garden before heading over here to my studio which is under the house but as it on the escarpment, offers lovely views up and down the coast.  After lunch we are wandered along to Fiona and Barry's home and studio which looks over the Glass House Mountains so it felt like a pretty special tour - and not just for our visitors!

Not the highlight, but something of great joy for me was that in order for me to host the studio visit, I had to tidy my studio and bring out some work to be seen.  And the studio is still tidy - probably because there won't be any time for actual work before I head overseas.  It is just waiting for me to come home and make a mess.  So, a little tour of my tidy studio with work placed around for people to examine.  I actually have many etchings in those drawers you see at the back and I forgot to tell anyone to go and have a look!

 Some old favourites open on the table and work standing around on the floor as I don't have walls large enough to hang the work.

And why the nests you may wonder .... just because I love them and they are waiting ever so patiently for me to make their perspex boxes.

Bits of Fiona and Barry all around my studio, and also a work by Adele Outerbridge peeping out and and part of an artist's book by Noela Mills.

It was fun to hang 'wandering' again. Mostly to cover all the mess on the back wall of the studio which is my 'working wall' when images are too large to be accommodated on my tables.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

out of the blue .....

A couple of weeks ago, just before heading off on a short holiday, I received an email which kept me grinning and floating all day.

All I have seen from you... made with your warms hands and a lot of silencie and love,
is simply inspiring... sure more than that for me,
so I must write you to say a big big THANKS

Keep On Susan ! Keep ypur light on !

This arrived from a beautiful man in Spain - Juanan, to whom I wrote and thanked for lifting my day,  asking if he would be happy for me to post on this email which arrived out of the blue.  I have also included his response.

Dear Susan...

Use all the words, put them besides your interior light and keep your interior soul struggling... Day by day, with smiles and stars... What you do i try to do everyday, and when i see your works is not just emotion is also and strongly an impulse... I mean, a motor...
What you create could be that for many many people, i know... And i'm pretty sure of that...
Your feelings and your sensibility is for me and many others a kind of reflection, an example of how to live a creative and happy life.

Your words are also for me, this morning a closer light... A mate how is telling me more than thanks... A warm hug...

So yes... Keep on like water! Flowing!

All the best to you susan... And thanks for your kind response...

Here you will have a small listener forever !

It has been months since I last posted - November last year in fact, and I have really been struggling to get back in the habit.  Truth is I miss it!  But it was receiving this gorgeous email from Juanan which made me realise that we never know who is reading our blogs, who is drawing inspiration from what we do, who has the heart to write and say 'I miss hearing from you' when you stop writing. 

It is a gift, much like receiving other gifts through the mail which delight and thrill, and certainly inspire one to get back down into the studio and do some work.  So here I am, back in the studio, not quite doing my own work as yet though I have been busy down here with bits and pieces.  I have visitors to the Studio on Friday so must have a good clean up and find some work to show them!

These photos are two of the other beautiful gifts that have come my way in the last little while.  They too keep me smiling.

Thank you to those who keep encouraging and inspiring me.