Monday, 25 February 2013

jardin majorelle .....

Who would have thought I could be so entranced by a cactus garden ....

This one however really captured my attention on our first day looking around Marrakech and we returned there this morning to have a longer look.

The garden was built by a French artist Jacques Majorelle who came to Marrakech in 1919, bought the land in 1924 and began planting. More recently it was bought by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, restored, and then bequeathed to their Foundation to ensure its continuing existence.

On the first visit I took some more general photographs and on the return this morning, more details. I found the details more intriguing the closer I looked ....

The last photo shows the colours that are used on buildings and pots around this intriguing garden.

We decided to walk back to our Villa from the garden and became hopelessly lost - well, not quite hopelessly but probably walked two or three times further than we needed. Having begun our day in the gym, this was needless exercise. It made lunch by the pool seem justified though.

Yesterday went on a day trip to the Atlas Mountains which was glorious and I will post on that tomorrow. We are heading down into the souks again later this evening, passed the snake charmers and monkeys. I must say I am not really keen on the continual hassling to buy - not my idea of shopping.


  1. S - cacti certainly do good texture. Continue to enjoy. B

  2. love these closeups, pattern and textures - an amazing garden, Thanks, Susan


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