Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the dance continues with starry starry night .....

Fiona and I met this morning to exchange the books we had been working into the last couple of weeks. The theme is Starry Starry Night and I am delighted with the marks and additions Fiona has made to my book.  Mine is quite a large book and I focussed primarily on large star filled skies - that sense of the enormity of our universe.  Fiona's book started with the sense of starburst and even though I took it in a different direction, that sense still remains prominent.

Now we both have our pages back and need to finish our own work before binding the books ready for their bookmeet next week.  Each stage of this is a challenge I must say.  Here are some of the images so far ....... 

Fiona's addition of tiny cutouts and metallic bits that add lustre

Fiona giving specificity to my two page starscape

a closer look

one of my transparent pages - Fiona has worked a constellation of stars into it

I love the addition of these subtle marks

same marks carried through onto the edge of one of my transparencies

not sure how I will tie in this page to the back of the previous page!

these marks of Fiona's are imprinted/embossed

part of my mica sky with another of the constellations.

I don't want to talk too much about the book as yet as I will save that for next week once we have completed the project.  In amongst our get togethers we have planned our next three collaborations - how thrilling is that :-)
As I said, I am delighted and a little challenged about the work ahead in this book.  Unfortunately, it is not going to be an easy book to photograph.  Fiona seems pleased with the direction I took her work and is now working out her next steps too.  This is the fun part.  Waiting until next week to see how we have each pulled the books together.  

ps:  whilst taking this set of photographs, I found out my new little Lumix TZ30 takes square photographs.  How cool is that!


  1. I'm all giddy with excitement and eager to see the finished books. Bowing to masters...

    1. ha - it is sooooo lovely to be thought a master! Thanks Jennifer. When I reflect on this I think all of us master of some techniques and can draw and learn from each other. Of course in the BIG picture .....
      I have just taken some photos of my book ready for a posting after the two meet. Can't wait to show you.

  2. I love square photos, I crop most of mine to match this format. As for your book... you are so priviledged to share this creativity between the two of you and we are so priviledged to get to see it!

    1. I love square anythings! and long thin rectangular shapes too Ersi. My two favourites for working. A bought this new little camera a few months ago to keep in my bag as my large canon SLR gets a tad heavy to carry around. The little gem keeps surprising me with the things it can do! I will travel with both though.
      Fiona and are so very aware about how lucky we are to work together in this way.

  3. Oh, how gorgeous!!! You two are quite the collaborative pair....what inspiration!!! I can't wait to see either....thank goodness, I'm finally taking a few minutes to visit the blogs I've not been reading since I've been so busy....so glad I didn't miss this post! Cheers!

    1. I am surprised in your extra busy life Patti, that you have time to pop in and leave a comment. It is always lovely to hear from you though. I find I often pop in to peek at others blogs but there simply isn't time to comment all the time. I think we know that our blogging tribe keeps an eye on what we are doing whether they respond or not.

  4. The challenges never stop do they Susan? I like how we each alter the storyline a little for the other - hopefully in a way that allows them to still tell a story that is theirs...

    I am buzzing with ideas - just need some time to sit and sort and settle...hope you enjoy!

    1. Hello F. I have finished and now have only to sew my book. Hope that is as straightforward as I think it ought to be! Good luck with yours x


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