Wednesday, 30 May 2012

wordless wednesday .....


  1. Beautiful - the gentle man made marks in nature. Hope you get to see Pam Walpole's show in Kenilworth - brilliant!!! XX

  2. Amazing...don't you love those little gifts that nature presents to us when we care to look.

  3. Your images are of my favorites..textures and gray and black and white.

    1. Thanks Donna - it is strange how some of us are really drawn to these earthy subdued colours and yet others prefer a really vivid palette!

  4. Thanks Noela - often nature does it better than us! My first photo was really to show the natural white line through the rock which in the second photo Andy Goldsworthy has used to make a cross. One of my favourite symbols - as you can see from the three crosses in the photos!
    Hello Julie - thank you for looking around my blog - I think artists get so much more out of their world because their eyes are attuned to seeing beyond the obvious.
    Thanks Jennifer - the crosses here in the photos were my little tribute to Barry and hopes that he get well soon. It has been incredibly tough on Fiona.


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