Tuesday, 15 May 2012

rust lust ....

I have been having a play with rust in the studio ...... now I have to be patient and see what the result will be.  Usually I would wash my papers, but I am going to leave that for the moment and see what happens in the morning.

Some lovely things are happening here but I doubt they will dry the same way.  It is always a thrill to see what happens overnight.

Once the papers are dry the decisions must be made as to how to work the paper, what shall be made from it and so forth.  I imagine books ........... but what to make of them will have to wait.  Fun.


  1. Rust lust indeed! I've got a bad case of it right now looking...well drooling over your delicious papers. Knowing how my fabrics change a bit in the drying process, I'm very eager to see what transpires with your papers. Ever think of moving to CT? We'd have a blast rusting away.

  2. These are lovely. Which rust preparation are you using?

  3. Wow, they are strong and rich! Mine always seem paler somehow...
    They will dry deliciously I am sure. It's good to just have a play day isn't it?

  4. Thanks Ronnie, Jennifer, Teri and Fiona. Yes, a happy play day and the papers dried richly - will photograph them in my next post. Teri - I used the caustic soda and ferrous sulphate mix. Everything varies according to the papers you use and the order to work your papers. Jennifer - I am sure we would have fun rusting together. In the mean time it is fun showing each other what we are doing via the blogs! Have fun on your artist retreat weekend.

  5. Such great marks and colours! No doubt they will appear in other amazing projects.

    1. thanks Jo - I certainly hope they will work into something pleasing.


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