Wednesday, 2 May 2012

wordless wednesday ...


  1. There's something about the serendipitous mark making that happens some place between the natural and the man made - I call this 'wabi sabi' - thanks for capturing it in these pics, Susan -makes my heart skip a beat xoxox

    1. I am right there with you - would adore to have walls like this in my home and just display one gorgeous simple vessel in front. I bought a book by Axel Vervoodt called Wabi Inspirations and I swear my heart almost stops when I look through it .....

  2. wordless is what we are,
    when faced witch such beauty.

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Anca ....... you are right. I literally swoon when I come across beautiful decaying paint - walls, doors, floors. Anything really that has been weathered beautifully. Very often when travelling I will spend ages photographing one decrepit wall much to the amusement of passersby ....... my partner Steve has learnt to say he will just meet me later! I do that with tree trunks too, and tide marks, rocks, shadows ....... becomes hard when you come home from travels and friends and family want to actually want to see travel photos. I have to weed the few of those out of thousands!

  4. I'm with Noela....these pics make my heart skip a beat!!! Such beautiful marks, surface, history....thank you!!!


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