Wednesday, 9 May 2012

wordless wednesday .....


  1. A sign of spring is on the way.. my rhodies are also almost in bloom.. very beautiful

    1. Thanks Donna - Autumn is well underway here. That photo was taken down south with all those beautiful blossoms. I am envious of you having rhododendrons - they just won't grow here though their is a tropical variety available but they are not a patch on the real thing! Up here on the Range we are able to grow many of the colder climate plants they can't grow down on the coast so I can't complain too much. Love our splashes of autumn colour with the ocean as a backdrop. Glad I don't actually live on the coast. Enjoy your spring.

  2. S-stunning shots - love the contrast of the white against the black trunks. B

  3. Thanks Barry - I also love those white trunks in the background - have no idea what they are. The photos have not been altered at all so the colours were exactly like that. I was entranced.


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