Thursday, 17 May 2012

rust lust - next step

 Just a quick peek at what has happened with the rusting I did a couple of days ago.  It has dried with some lovely rich colour and some gorgeous patterns ready to be worked.  The first couple of photos are of fairly large sheets - 55cms x 19cms.  The folded sheets are half the width and then folded, forming the beginnings of a lovely book shape.  Looking forward to working into them soon.


  1. What wonderful results! I love the palette of colors and the patterns, and the wavy pages are very evocative...It's inspiring to be party to the 'birth' of your book.

  2. I've got a serious case of rust lust complicated by rust envy. What splendid papers!

  3. Beautiful, and SO much control over the shapes and splodges, Susan

  4. beautiful!
    I too
    am blissfully rusting away...

    xox - eb.

  5. These colours are incredible! Are they really all from rust or have you added other media?

  6. Thank you Lisa, Jennifer, Noela, Elizabeth and Alice. I know anytime any of us talk about rust or rusting there will be interest ...... and I think we are all guilty of lusting after what the other has done with it. Good healthy envy! Lisa, I too like the waviness of the pages - you can of course straighten pages flat but I like the irregularity of them ... having said this, rusting is really only my starting point. Years ago I used to work with the rust - now I tend to use it as the impetus for darkening and ageing the paper more with ink and graphite etc maybe thread and piercing.
    Alice - yes - only rust here. that is to say I use three three traditional baths - tea, caustic soda and ferrous sulphate. I probably added more of the Ferrous into the mix, and I began with soft grey hannemule paper (not my favourite actually) but I often manage to get these deep colours starting with white - mostly Arches - which is my norm. I have seen people rusting into blotting paper and it is sensational.

  7. Hard to resist taking a peek - the results look excellent.

  8. wonderful rich color. very delicious!

  9. I liked pictures thank you very pleased to see the scenery and colors were my soul Thank you very much

    1. Hello Arwa - is that your name? I visited you blog but am unable to read the Arabic..... It is amazing to me that you found your way to my blog from Sudan. I am glad you found the earthy colours of the rust warm your soul .... Those colours do something for my soul too.


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