Sunday, 13 January 2013

tree stories .....

they know
they see

they write
they draw
and paint

they speak

keep them company
and listen


  1. Wonderful photographs telling the stories eloquently.

  2. S - you are so right - they tell so many stories; and make so many creative marks. I was blown away by the 'eye' in the tree - very surreal. Great shots. B

  3. Truly remarkable are they not? Just taking the time to stop, look, listen - what a reward!

  4. Oh entrancing they are. The stories they have to tell if one stops to listen...

  5. wow. especially that last one, wow!

  6. Amazing images, Susan.. that one is a fish eye or whale eye, or who knows... Inspiring post!

  7. i came back to look again. thanks.

  8. thank you all for your comments - some of them really are amazing aren't they. I too love the 'eye' Barry. I seriously think we could all fill volumes with photos we take of trees, tree trunks, tree marks, tree graffiti, tree hearts etc etc I know I take thousands of photos of such things.

  9. Love these! But of course, I am a big fan of trees and tree they often speak to me on nature walks.--Julie


I appreciate your comments - thank you!