Thursday, 17 January 2013

a few of my favourite things .....

I have been making artist's books since 1998 on and off and collecting them since then too.  I only have collected about twenty in that time and am going to make the collecting of these treasures my vice over the next few years.

Here are some of my favourites - just a quick glimpse.

a few from my 'Fiona'  collection

love this photo of Fiona's 'Subversive Stitch'
and this one ....

This is the first artist's book I ever owned.  It was given to me by Wim de Vos and Adele Outteridge for my birthday in 1999 and it is a collaborative piece they made with Madonna Staunton.

The book photographs well on my hot plate.

This piece is by Deslie Wain and below is a detail.

a couple more of Fiona's and a book by Alice Fox.

many of you will already be familiar with Alice's sublime work.

a couple of recent purchases on the left, a concertina book by Sandra Pearce and a quaint little book by Linda Douglas with snippets of maps and birds, sewn threads and marks.  On the right are a couple of the single folded page books by Patti at Missouri Bend.

Of course there are more but I will save those for another time.


  1. Ooohing and aaahing and lusting and repeating...

  2. That's some collection! Such beautiful and intimate pieces. LOVE Madonna Staunton.

  3. Oh... great collection. Love that black book with the long threads.

  4. Beautiful collection Susan and wonderful to discover Alice - thank you so much for sharing

  5. Drooling... very carefully, so I will not stain your gorgeous books!

  6. oooooooooo
    especially love
    the little tiny book
    with stitches

  7. What a wonderful collection you have... I love how upclose you get with your imagery.. the textures are wonderful.. I can 'feel' them.

    1. Hello Donna. Your comment arrrived as I was responding to these others ... hence this reply is separate. and out sequence!

      I am thrilled to read that you could 'feel' the work through my photographs. I think one of the things we all really really miss out on when we admire each other's work is that ability to hold the work - feel it, turn the pages, examine pieces from all sides - really stick your nose into it. Sometimes the camera can help you to see but it can't help you to touch. Nice to think it can help you FEEL though. Thank you :-)

  8. Thank you all for those lovely comments on some of the artist's book I am privileged to have in my collection. Ronnie - lucky, am I not? Jennifer - I can hear you from hear! Jo - am very pleased to hear you know and loved Madonna's work. And Valerie - I think the page to which you are referring with those long threads is actually one of Madonna Staunton's pages in this collaborative book. Rosie -so very glad I led you along the path to Alice's door. You will find much to inspire you there. Loved your comment Ersi - mind you by in large, I think wear and tear (dribbled or otherwise!) often adds to the character of the hand made book .... :-) Elizabeth - yep, the tiny book is a delight. I think it's size was one of the draw cards ...

  9. What stunning artist's books. I too love the ones by Alice Fox - in fact I love them all....


I appreciate your comments - thank you!