Friday, 11 January 2013

home atop the hill .....

Last year I posted on my studio, and then took you on a walk down through our land.  Many blogging friends have asked to have a peek about the house so here it is.  We moved in over a year ago having rebuilt the house.  It looks very industrial, having wrapped 80% of it in galvanised steel.  Really, it looks like another shed on our property!  I love it.

Nestled on top of the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean - about twenty kilometres to the east.

Waiting for garden to grow .....

the beginnings of a very steep garden .....

stairs lead down to my studio or up to bedrooms and office
a couple of my large drawings here and below - framed in perspex so they seem to float

Just one large kitchen, dining and living area on this level - all open into each other

waiting for my 'sense of place' etchings on the wall!

I call this window my 'gum tree' window .....

some of my porcelain collection in the entrance.
So, that is the peek - quite a change from the huge French style home and English gardens I created at 'Clovelly' which is only about three hundred metres from this home.   It was a job in itself so I am so glad to be in a smaller space, with plenty of land around us to enjoy and a studio in which to work. 


  1. What a beautful house! I love all the light and wood and high views. I love being tucked into the forest mosses and ferns, but I wish I had a tower, too, so I could climb up above the trees and see the mountains. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks Valerie. This new home feels like living in a tree house. Fun.

  3. Such beautiful spaces and views, I am very envious!

  4. Love the space and light also the simplicity.
    Love also the large drawings and the collection of such simple clear objects - they have a purity about them.

    I am also so relieved to know that you aren't in the path of the terrible fires that raging across Australia.

    Diane. x

  5. Wow so beautiful light and peaceful

  6. Such a beautiful calm space to live and work in. Did you notice the photo was taken on the ipad, with no tweeking at all.

  7. Hello Susan, It is great to see more of your home, I can imagine you there quite easily now.
    I love the simplicity of the house and the light is just wonderful.
    In our longerre there isn't a lot of light but we didn't want to change the frontage of such an old house.
    I love your large drawings and the arrangement of simple objects.
    I have a growing collection of stones and shells - just can't resist.

    I am so pleased to know you aren't near the terrible fires.


  8. Thank you all for wandering around the house with me. I do consider myself very lucky to be living in a home full of light where the outside merges with the inside.
    Glad you like my drawings Diane. Will look forward this year to getting back to my large drawings.


I appreciate your comments - thank you!