Wednesday, 24 September 2014

bends not stop signs .....

It is not often that Fiona and I find ourselves on different wavelengths but this was one of those times.  We met today to begin the ninth of our collaborative books.  A burnt book.  My understanding was that we would each burn our pages and then swap half of them  Fiona's was that we would each work on our own pages and then after the exchange, we would burn them!   

Both of us were more than willing to scrap our work and start again but really that is contrary to the nature of our collaboration and so in some manner yet to be determined, we will use my burnt pages and Fiona's written pages, to make our books.  We decided to roll along the bends or curves that have been thrown at us and not see them as stop signs.  Actually we are both pretty excited about this one as it has endless possibilities as we have never imposed rules.

I think it is quite an exciting starting point and my challenge will be to get the book looking like 'me' when Fiona's beautifully strong work is so much her.  As Fiona says - burn and deconstruct. The photographs show this readily and without need for elaboration.  The pages are 50cm by 15cms, seven of them each.  Quite large, but who knows how they will rearrange themselves.

Watch this space but not in any rush as we both have a fairly frenetic time ahead.  The books will meet at the end of January though you may have peeks along the way.


  1. Well I think we did better than we thought we might! I was worried beforehand, but excited by the time we had finished. I think it will all work out many love images just as they are!

  2. love the veiling effect in combination with Fiona's calligraphic marks

  3. Love images huh! That is one book we have avoided doing .......
    Yes - I still giggle inwardly when I think of all that burning you were trying out and then didn't do! I really thought some of that on the light paper was coming my way and yet I think our starting point now though more challenging, will make me work harder. x

  4. I just read Fiona's blog post on your collaborative burnt papers for your collaborative book.. I am amazed with the effects because it had never dawned on me to burn holes in my papers.. I love the papers you ended up with.


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