Friday, 23 August 2013

desert crossings ....

Hello friends

I am back from the desert wandering .... a few thousand photos taken (nothing like another of the photographers who took triple that number!).  I have been home a few days cleaning desert sand and outback dust from cars, clothes and equipment and now have had a quick look at my photos.  I am going to post in four blocks (how does one chose a few photos from so many) over the next four days so that next week I am clear and I hope to be back in the studio doing some creative work.  Part of me wonders if I can remember how to bring any of my thoughts to fruition ..... will have to exercise some discipline.

Next week I will have time to take a walk through many of your blogs and have a look at what you have been doing.  I had thought we would get reception most of the time we were away, other than in the Simpson Desert, but had forgotten just how vast and empty the centre of Australia is and how far removed from modern technology.  Actually once over the shock of losing communications, it was rather lovely not hearing phones, or having equipment beep as emails came into inboxes.

these first images are taken along Cooper Creek en route to Innamincka where much of the Burke and Wills story unfolds

these glorious cane like lanterns in bleached and dark wood became a feature going through the desert
an evening walk out from Innamincka to explore another of Burke's trees. 
corrugated iron reflection
Andy Goldsworthy dried mud
first evening at Birdsville - playing on big red as sun set
on the other side of dune away from the sunset
gorgeous evening light
evening over the lake alongside big red
colours were exactly like this - surreal
start of the dunes - only 1200 to go!
evening camps in the desert were sublime
I loved all the colours and marks in the salt pans
the boys discussing directions ....
we barely saw any wildlife in the four days crossing the Simpson Desert - not even birds
I loved all these dried treelike lanterns - see images coming some time ...
on the other side of the Simpson we came across a salt pan with water - could have spent hours here!

a wander around Dalhousie Springs where we camped after our Simpson Crossing.  Very large hot springs to swim in - suddenly an oasis for wildlife and vegetation after the desert dry...

scores of cockatoos watching swimmers soak in the springs - washing out desert dust ...

the Painted Desert - pre dawn
the sun comes up - phew, it was soooo cold there waiting for the sun's warmth
my favourite part of the Painted Desert - I took hundreds of photos at sunset.  These are just a few as the sun went down


  1. Wonderful photos - thank you so much for sharing these - travelling to the desert is on my wish list.

    1. Oh Carol - you will love it. hard work this kind of travelling, but completely inspirational and magnificent. If you do get out that way, try not to miss the Painted Desert - it is simply breathtaking.

  2. Wow amazing and lots of other expletives

    1. Thanks for taking this journey with me Debbie.

  3. Beautiful photos, what marvelous colors!

    1. Hello Connie. The colours are magnificent aren't they ..... and yet as an artist I tend to be drawn to the subtle earth colours rather than these rich varied ones. They are gorgeous to behold though ...

  4. The painted desert - it speaks o clearly and beautifully. Would love to see it one day. Thanks for the trip - I love that unbelievable light, so pure.

    1. Thanks Fiona. No doubt you will see the Painted Desert one day and I know for certain your heart will skip beats! x

  5. was directed here by Judith in N. Cal and oooooooooooooo......maybe the most excellent photographs i've
    seen to give the sense of the soul of this land. just so beauty Full. thank you very much for taking us there and letting us see through your eyes...thank you.

    1. Hello Grace - thank you so much for popping in to say hello and have a look around. A lovely comment too, thanks.


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