Sunday, 21 July 2013

fun with Fiona and Barry .....

These plates looked such fun, and full of potential .....

We had watched the u-tube demos of cherry soda printing and it all seemed straight forward.  Two hours later, eight of us trying numerous techniques with aluminium foil and aluminium shim, lithographic crayons, soap and so forth had absolutely no result.  We thoroughly enjoyed our coffee, double choc brownies and baby lamingtons, but enjoyed no printing results.  A hoot really.

This set of photographs are of the aluminium plates we prepared -
once we tried to etch them the images disappeared completely.

Nice photos though - images looked full of potential!

After lunch, Fiona guided us into a printing exploration with copper sulphate and salt on small aluminium plates with much more success.  A few prints worthy of re printing, many more which were exciting enough to lead onto other things in the future.

my three plates and resulting prints

one of mine

I think this was Kim's

Steph's etched lines into bitumen stop out

Sonja's snake skin on impress in soft ground
A huge thank you to Fiona and Barry who gave up their time and their home for our play time.  One of the wonderful things about this group, Maleny printmakers, is our willingness to learn and to share.


  1. The first set of prints looks pretty lively to me... but the second set is really lush!! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Ann - your comment made me go back and add a few captions on those first images - they were the preparatory images drawn on aluminium, which were lost entirely!! The little copper sulphate prints worked beautifully. Think we will have fun with that process.

  2. What a lovely day this must have been - and how I envy you! Having like-minded souls with whom to share these artistic playtimes is a great gift.
    And the resulting plates and prints are a delight.

    1. I understand your envy Charlton - it is an absolute treat to have friends with whom to share time and experiments in the studio. And as far as Fiona's and my collaboration - well that is a rare and wonderful gift.

  3. S - it was a great day - hoot is correct - no divas - and in the end some good results - now just have to go on a diet after all the good food. Thanks to a good group. B

    1. Friends, food, fun, frivoling ..... some of my favourite 'f' words. A wonderful day. Many thanks again x

  4. it must have been so strange to have your work just disappear. but the afternoon prints are totally worth it. i really like your results.


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