Tuesday, 23 April 2013

our first anniversary .....

Today is World Book Day and it was this time last year that Fiona and I worked together on our first collaboration.  At that point we had no idea that we were embarking on something so special .... we had just decided to spend WBD together.  The fun and success we had on that day led into a dance that has brought us both heaps of joy during the last year.  We managed to make four collaborative works .... all very different yet each one sharing the collaboration in a different way.  Our sixth book, which we will have until the end of July to work on, is a collaboration in theme only.

However, this last collaborative piece, number five in our collection, was just a frivolous little plan to do something whilst I was away for nearly two months.  We each worked on the front and back side of sixteen squares - I think the weight of the paper we used is about 600gsm.  Thick, luscious, wonderful. The work we have done on them can not be called art, but playtime which is often just as valuable.  The guidelines we set were that one side would be to do with travel and journeys and the other side would be black and white designs.  Neither of us were very enthusiastic about our results until we got together this afternoon and swapped half of our bundles.  They worked beautifully together - surprisingly, or maybe we should no longer be surprised about how our works sits so comfortably side by side.

Today I am just showing a few photos of my fronts and backs ..... I confess to only having eight backs done so that I could give them to Fiona.  Tomorrow I will work on completing my eight pieces and then I will have the full deck to show in the next posting ....... with Fiona's and my pieces.


  1. Hi S - as I said on F's blog - congratulations to both of you - an amazing feat to be still creating so beautifully after a year of collaboration. As a witness to this process it produces such creative and challenging stuff and you are still friends. Hope you are well soon. B

  2. I love it when you two collaborate. Always interesting.

  3. Beautiful, and after seeing Fiona's lot, love the intersections.

  4. What beautiful images - so spare and apparently simple. I love the relationships between your fronts and your backs. Working in black and white is so powerful.

  5. Such an enticing array of lovely squares! I'm looking forward to seeing more...
    (P.S. I'm just looking through the photos from your months of travel - what a rich & varied collection of so many strikingly beautiful landscapes & details...I hope they will remind you of the best parts of your trip, and that the memory of ill-health soon recedes.)

  6. Thank you all for your comments - it is such a wonderful thing to know that blogging friends have popped in to see what is happening. Thank you for taking the time. Barry, it has been great having you watch our collaboration grow and blossom. And as you say - a year later we are still friends! Would rather stay that way ..... Hello Roberta, thank you for watching with interest our collaboration. Sure has been a fine thing. Hi Valerie ... it was fun seeing how our work related to each others. Thanks Charlton .... like you, I find black and white so powerful. Am looking forward to getting back to some of my large works which are predominantly black and white .... and shades of grey.


I appreciate your comments - thank you!