Friday, 14 December 2012

two bundles meet .....

Our two bundles met on Wednesday.  Fiona and I spent such a lovely couple of hours together each opening and enjoying the surprise of each others' envelopes.  The sense of anticipation was enormous actually and surprised us both and yet we both lingered over the contents spending time looking on both sides, peeking back into the envelopes to see if more treasures were within.  When I think upon it now, I think there is often a wonderful sense of anticipation when I receive 'snail mail' now ..... when the envelope is not a bill but something handwritten and unexpected.  The sense of wonder was very evident - both of us letting out exclamations of delight. 

It was a strange experience really as we had both worked with the same envelopes and hence were very familiar with them - yet inside the interpretations we had made were quite different.  Both interpretations felt very like 'us' which was not at all surprising.  I found that the work we had done echoed many of the thoughts we have been having during the year - visual thoughts.  Fiona actually used her envelopes in a manner that mapped her time away with Barry in New Zealand.  To me they expressed a quiet gentleness, a sense of peaceful exploration.  In her  beautiful artistic manner nothing was overdone.  Just simply exquisite.

Fiona will show you the details of her work in a post soon, as will I.  We both decided to post on our twin bundles together so I imagine much of what we have said will be similar too.


  1. Just great - its pouring down here on a cold and windy day but I'm transported out of it by the work you've both produced.

    Thank you.
    Diane. x

  2. Oh................................


I appreciate your comments - thank you!