Saturday, 15 December 2012

e x 13 complete

Sometimes projects take on their own momentum .... this was one of them.  When the idea was conceived I think I had quite different ideas in mind for what each envelope could/would contain.  I wrote none of this down which was remiss and I could recall none of those ideas when I tried. 

As the time came close for completion, I decided I just had to start the work and let come what may.  As I began gathering bits and pieces around the studio, papers, small copper etching plates, embossings and so forth a storyline began to emerge and once I was into the first few envelopes, the creative energy just seemed to take over.  In the end the thoughts all came rather quickly and spontaneously.

I think I will title my project  'Searching'  - a very loose title which I think encapsulates the random thoughts I had along the way, mapping part of that search knowing inside that in fact I need no longer look.  That I belong just where I am.

the thirteen envelopes

first - etching seen in last post

second - etchings, writing drawings

second - envelope and internal details

third envelope - etching, embossing and markmaking

fourth envelope - etching, embossing and marks

fifth envelope - etching, embossing and marks

details of envelope six  - embossings on leather, stained and marked papers

luminous graphite markings

seventh - etching on rusted paper, scratchings on envelope

envelope eight - leather embossing and rusted detail with marks

envelope nine - sewn together, suggestions of something inbetween layers

detail of envelope nine

envelope ten - sewn envelope, embossing and etching, markmaking

detail of envelope ten 

envelope eleven is a bound folio - thread supplied by generous Jennifer

envelope eleven - embossings on sublime fine paper, and etchings, marks

more details of envelope eleven

eleven - details

envelope twelve - etching, drawings, marks and scratchings on transparent paper

details of envelope twelve

details - envelope twelve

the twelfth  envelope has two etchings on its flap

thirteenth envelope - etchings on envelope and one page, staining, marks and writing drawings

details of envelope seven - (the search is over)
I smile often when I look back over the collaborative work Fiona and I have made in the latter part of this year.  I think I like it as much as any of the work I have ever done.  I am not sure why that is but I suggest it is something to do with such a lovely energy between us, the encouragement we give each other and the profound respect and liking we have for each other's work. It is more than this I am sure .... Fiona brings out the quieter side of my creativity I think, or at least the timing of this collaboration with the fact that I am in a happy place in my life, seems to make my work my thoughtful and quieter.
I count myself fortunate indeed :-)


  1. WOW! I am overwhelmed by the textures and details..really amazing!--Julie

  2. Every photograph is a jewel of inspiration - I absolutely LOVE what you've done.
    I will look again and again at these photographs and I am already inspired by them.

    Wonderful - Thank you.

    Diane. x

  3. Many times I don't comment on your work because I'm speechless. I wanted you to know that. Now I'll be speechless again.

  4. S- I like the title - it seemed from earlier posts that the project in a way took you on a journey of its own and maybe gave you the opportunity to explore a number of themes and issues as you played with print and texture etc. There is no doubt the two of you have created some exquisite work through the collaboration; and maybe even had fun along the way. Go well. B

  5. Susan - thanks for including each of your envelopes and their contents - what a stunning view and a lovely reminder! It's an astonishing piece of work when viewed this way. I feel so lucky to be working with you on this - its very special.

  6. the work looks rich indeed, and i've enjoyed following your collaboration. thanks for sharing it.

  7. What delicious bits and bobs, treasures indeed, contained within such loveliness.

    And thanks for the excellent photographs. Its a treat to see the work up close.

  8. As Leslie commented, your photographs are excellent which has made it easy, not only to see this beautiful collaboration, but also to feel it. I get a sense of tracking in both yours and Fiona's work and I've enjoyed tracking your progress, back and forth between the two blog.

  9. I love how you provide your imagery.. demonstrating your searching and tracking and the back and forth between you and fiona... wonderful. happy holidays and new year.

  10. I truly drank in this bounteous feast for the eyes. Such a collaboration benefits both parties in a myraid of ways and results in magical maths. 1+1=so much more than 2.


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