Monday, 8 October 2012

short stories and my new best friend .....

I have been taking time in the studio whenever I have been able to this last week and now have a couple of weeks where I can probably find four or five days a week.  Thrilling.  And tiring - forget just how involved the etching process can be and how easy it is to mess up a lovely piece of copper.

I am pleased with this 'short story' though and have tried printing it in different colour ways.  I have yet to stick them down as I am going to experiment with some stitching which I hope will add to the design rather that complicate it.

Printed vertically, these etching plates remind me very much of landscape and bare winter trees.  When I was playing with the blending colour, I printed a couple of the plates horizontally and they look exactly like weathered  tree trunks and dry branches.  Had I intended to etch weathered trunks I probably could not have reached a result that I have now serendipitously!  Very pleased about that as I can then match with other plates or embossings and tell a different short story.

These are printed on Lanaquarelle 100% cotton paper, hot pressed, 300 gsm and I think I prefer it to the Arches Moulin du Gue -  though each different printmaking paper will have its own application.

Introducing my new best friend ... A gorgeous embosser that I had made and am addicted to already.  The minute it arrived I started embossing everything to hand.  "seb" - susan elizabeth bowers -  is my studio name and logo as well.


  1. Beautiful, and great embosser... I've just spent two days in the studio, and thought much the same thing yesterday when I left. Though I wasn't etching, I was drawing, I still was totally exhausted. I realized I'd forgotten how extended periods of intense concentration is really sapping.

  2. Love your new embosser! And your latest works. Lovely lines.

  3. Once again you have me drooling all over my computer. Your standing stories are enchanting. Until the girls started kindergarten, I'd forgotten just how exhausting a really good day in the studio can be. Still, it's worth the tiredness, don't you think?

  4. Absolutely beautiful work...and your embosser design is just perfect.

  5. What a fabulous post - embossing, paper, etchings and paper sculptures! All so wonderful and mesmerisingly beautiful.


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