Monday, 29 October 2012

finding the storyline .....

Although I felt a little like 'the doggy in the window' over the weekend at the Maleny Celebration of Books, I did find it worth while being there - especially on the Saturday when more people were out and about.  I sat outside Maleny Additions who were featuring my artist's books and journals.  The display was beautiful and I was delighted by many comments. Because most of my books in the shop were not opened up, only the covers were visible.  Even so, they still were of interest to a number of visitors which was pleasing.  It was good to be there speaking with passersby about the book as a vehicle for artists' work.  Most of the people with whom I spoke were not artists but were very interested in learning how to make journals, books, for their own purposes ... photography, design portfolios, poetry etc.  I had my new mini moo cards ready to hand out with my blog and email details so I hope to hear from some of those who professed interest.

Sheila and Diedre who own the shop were in and out, crossing over as they attended various talks and also the Big Book Club.  Many smaller book groups held discussions and then they all came together as one huge book group.  Apparently this and the talks were very, very interesting.  I am sorry I missed out and next year will be way more interested in being in attendance that sitting on the street talking about artist's books.  I do think the exposure was wonderful, not just for me but for sharing an understanding with the public about what makes an artist's book - and the potential one can reach when you are able to create a book from scratch.

In between people coming to chat, I sat there working on my latest little book and seeing if it could tell me what it wanted to say. I found a story line that suits me beautifully.  It is about the journey I have taken over the last six years, looking for and finding my home.  Somewhere to belong.  There are some images below, my favourite is the one of the hill with my 'home' on the top.  This is the last page of the story.  I am actually contemplating writing in this book seeing it is a book to keep.  I am not yet sure if I will write around the edges of the bordering white paper or if I will scratch my writing onto the transparent paper. Uncertain about being that brave - words seem so ...... revealing!  I usually like my work to be more enigmatic. 

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