Tuesday, 18 September 2012

landscape meditations .....

I am a great fan of the unbound book and employ it very often in my making.  I would go so far as to say it is my 'thing' - leaving a story unbound so that it can be rearranged to say something else.  Much of my past work has focussed on our ability to say, to interpret and reinterpret work.  Story telling is all the more exciting when the viewer is able to rearrange some of the visual ideas to show a different thought sequence. Or so I think.  Maybe it is that I don't like to reveal my cards, that I like to be able to present things in different lights ..... who knows what the basis is for this proclivity, I just like it this way! I have a propensity for ambiguity.  Let's leave it at that.

This book has been over to New York in an exhibition this year - not a book exhibition, one more to do with paintings.  Many people stopped at the booth Galleria Bacchus ran in this event and asked about the couple of books I had in their exhibition.  Both were unbound and for those unfamiliar with book based artworks, the concept was quite challenging.  Of course when you are at an Artist's Book exhibition you imagine people who attend have a solid understanding of the concept.

The front cover of this book uses one of my 'sugar lift' prints - very abstract.  This box is not a Solander box, as it only has sides from its base and the lid closes over flatly and ties.  I have used leather for the spine.

The box has been partitioned into two, but when open the cover can be used to hold one of the etchings and so three elements are visible simultaneously.  I love watching as people view the book and shuffle the etchings around, leaving the book reading in a way that is visually pleasing to them.

Each of the partitions houses 6 or 7 etchings and/or embossings printed on Arches Vellum.  The title of this book is 'Landscape Meditations'.

I have another of these book boxes prepared this time with three partitions.  Hopefully that is not over doing it - will try and keep the images simple to there is no visual overload!  As yet I have not played around with ideas but imagine they will be in the same vein as these above, and there may even be some overlap.


  1. just divine! (and an elegant design solution too -- I love the idea of rearranging the 'story')

  2. I am learning a lot about making books from your posts. I did not know about the unbound book and you explained the concept very well along with your beautiful images

  3. Another thing we have in common S - the love of an unbound book and the possibility of telling the story a number of ways. It's nice that this book went on a trip to NY - but just as nice to have it home safe too!

  4. S-must feel good to be reunited with a beloved book. B

  5. Hi Susan, just found your fascinating blog. I look forward to following you and joining you in your discoveries.

  6. This is stunning! I love the designs and I am enchanted by the 'unbound book.'

  7. Thanks Ronnie. I love being able to tell and re tell a story - has long been part of my art practice. Thanks Donna - am thrilled to think that you actually learn from my blog. Fiona, absolutely. You and I are the only two I know who make books this way. I know there are plenty of others who use the unbound book, but not many in my knowing. As you said, another lovely thing we share.Thanks Barry. It is a beloved book - one of my favourites I think. Must make the other one - with the three compartments Welcome Wendy - lovely to have you visit my blog - I will take a wander and see what you do too. Hello Jane. Thank you for that encouraging comment. There is a great deal to love about the unbound book though you do need to incorporate and cover or box of some sort to house it - and preferably aid in displaying it.

  8. Beautiful marks and I love the un-bound form.

    1. Thanks Alice - good to see you visiting again after such a busy residency. Just love what I have seen of the work you produced and will definitely be ordering a copy of that book. Lovely to see more of your Tide books travelling to different parts of the country.

  9. Delicious etchings! Landscape Meditations is the perfect title for your book. I'm also enjoying your Standing Stories.


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