Sunday, 16 September 2012

heartbreak or mouldy miracles .....

Many, many of my books in storage over the last two years have met this mouldy, waterlogged state.  For most people this would mean the demise of part of their library and call for a book bonfire.  For we quirky arty folk, mouldy, torn, decrepit books open a world of opportunity ......

I am not sure that Oscar Wilde or Tolstoy would approve of any of the things that are passing through my mind as I take measure of the possibility the demise of their wise words present but they are not to know.  Or do they?  That is the question .......

Really yummy marks and texture though I worry about the archival integrity of working with these pieces. Seriously though, I am not worried as I won't care if they break down more - maybe they will be even more interesting.

I think some of these serendipitous bits will end up in my envelopes ..... maybe.


  1. I go to a LOT of trouble to get my books to offer up something of this nature - your's are FAR more obliging (ps - I've found that once dried out, the mouldy books are remarkably stable..... one of my mouldy works met with moisture in the late 1980s, was dried out and hasn't deteriorated any further since)...

    1. Hi Ronnie - I know how much time and effort it takes to make work look this delicious - the unhappy instance of losing many of my stored books to damp has given me a serendipitous gift. Will be such fun when I have time to do something creative with this gift! thanks for the info regarding archival quality/ further disintegration. I won't worry too much about it now ..... just enjoy the play.

  2. It's a nice place to be when what could be a great and sad disaster can be viewed as a serendipitous gift! There is much wonderfulness in those books yet to be fully explored and discovered and I have no doubt you will create something stunning from them...but do wear a mask!

  3. Could you now encourage some book worms in to make the perfect picture!

  4. S-outrageously sad but good - difficulty is keeping them indoors though a perspex box (sealed) could be the go: or outdoor in a great ongoing decaying installation? B

  5. a delectable example of finding poetry in the debris. absolutely wonderful! can't wait to see what you will make of these!


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