Thursday, 28 June 2012

alphabet envy .....

I am suffering from alphabet envy.  This year I joined the 2012 A Letter a Week Project orchestrated by Fiona Dempster.  This is the third year and I only began this year ..... hence the alphabet envy.  I quite enjoy having this first book and would love to think of it sitting on the shelf with four alphabet book buddies had I begun when many others did in 2010. You should visit the project via the link and drool at all the clever ideas artists have come up with in designing their alphabets.  

Two alphabets are completed each year - A letter each week with a couple of spare weeks in the year. Of course most of us do them in batches and then post about those before continuing.  Most of the ones I have seen so far have chosen to do their 'dotty' alphabet first.  It was prescribed.  The next one we can do anyway we decide as long as the format is in a 7cm square.  I think I am going to stretch that sideways a little for my next concept .....

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  1. gorgeous! the dotty letters! the geometry! the warm color juxtaposed to the black and white! perfection!


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