Saturday, 24 March 2012

woodbooks .........

I have been having fun down in the studio.

Years of experience in making both artists books and journals and this is the first time I have made a woodbook.   While frivoling in a local wood shop I came across two delicious pieces of Conkerberry wood   - gorgeous for book covers. Moreover, the pieces were shape perfect, narrow and elongated - 7cm x 58cm.  The narrow rectangle and the square are my favourites.

I am not at all sure about the archival integrity of the wood but I have combined it with creamy Hannamuhle torn paper and grey linen thread which suit the wood colours.  Some of the pages have been embossed with a knotty design and now that it is complete, I think it looks interesting.

I love the rich orange in the Conkerberry (Carissa lancelot) wood - apparently quite unusual in Australian timbers.  It grows in small patches in North West Queensland and in the Northern Territory where it is protected. The holes in the wood make it quite difficult to work but I think they add something  beautiful to the timber pieces.


  1. You think it looks interesting. Oh my. I can think of other words to describe your wooden book - exquisite being the first that came to mind. Warm, inviting, sensual, alive, mysterious are just a few others.

    More please!

  2. Absolutely delicious work Susan... all of it.

  3. looks stunning Susan - and so at home right there with those other bits. I love the conkerberry and have a few 'shards' wrapped up here for one time...It's great to be in the studio making stuff! PS I love the embossing - gorgeous, gorgeous, shapes.

  4. Jennifer, Jo and Fiona - thank you for your lovely comments about my book. Had fun making it and just enjoying time in the studio immersing myself in creativity. Bliss.
    Fiona - I used milk bottle plastic instead of my usual for the embossing. Quick and easy as you said. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the tip 'out there'. x

  5. this is delicious, this wood. will you work color in, or leave it quietly embossed?


I appreciate your comments - thank you!