Friday, 9 March 2012

We are a strange bunch

Recently I visited my good friend Ally and had the chance to witness once again, the strange way people view us.  By us, I mean those creative beings who see images everywhere and in everything.  I was underneath a table which had been left outside - a gorgeous warped table which I would love to have in my back yard.  To Ally it seemed particularly odd until I showed her the small images that had weathered in her wood.  She was amazed.

I am continually amazed, and delighted, by the small fragments of beauty that are before us every day - we find them when we walk, when we garden, when we travel, when we blog - really, just about every time we have our eyes open there is something to capture our visual attention.  Sometimes we are overloaded with it ........


  1. I love that you got under the table! So often the magic lies hidden or in the apparently unbeautiful...

  2. wow. yes, glad i came by and saw this!

  3. wonderful. glad i stopped by here today!
    (i left a comment already, but maybe it got eaten up?)

  4. I'm with both Fiona and Velma! I love how you looked under the table and I'm glad we met the other day - it brought me to your blog and this post. As you say Susan, there is so much to see everywhere and in everything.

  5. Hi Susan, have wandered over to your blog from ALaW. Your blog is looking really nice. Love your images and thought your statement in your profile about leaving the pages of your artist books unbound so viewers can change the story was a wonderful idea. I'm also participating in another online project called, so your book arts practice is really interesting to me.

    1. hello, have just been looking at your blog, which is fabulous and I am so envious of your blogging talent, and couldn't find your name .... is is Rob? Secret?
      I was going to take part in bookartobject too but decided to wait till next year. Am struggling to find my way into creativity after a year or so and the more I fill it with prescribed projects, the more excuses for me not to find my own way. Glad you like the unbound book concept ...... you can see one of them on my first blog. I love the concept of being able to tell different stories - rearrange concepts to reveal others. Have fun with your bookartobject.

  6. Hello Susan-
    I was over at Jennifer Qudeen's blog and happened upon yours. Your works are amazing but the reason I am commenting here is that I recently had a similar experience on my visit to my parents' home in Savannah, GA. My morning walks and even just a stroll around their yard yielded so many hidden surprises. I was particularly captured by the trees. I am attempting to keep my eyes open now that I am back in Virginia. A friend of mine has a new mantra for this year..."pay attention". I am trying to adopt this mantra, as well. I look forward to stopping by more often, now that I found you.


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