Sunday, 11 March 2018

10/ 52 'she wanted words' .....

'she had always wanted words,
she loved them:
grew up on them.  Words gave her clarity,
brought reason, shape'

Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

Michael Ondaatje has been one of my favourite writers for many years - you can read and re read his books as the language is so exquisite.  Such a way with words - I am totally envious.  As I am of many writers in fact.

With this project - 52 books this year, one a week - I do not have much time in-between to plot and plan but every now and then I find my stride with something and enjoy fiddling and thinking - making plans to return when time allows.  One of the things I have been enjoying has been using some of my fathers old letraset as you will have seen in one of my earlier weekly books.  I am also enjoying using words and not just imagery hoping people will sense all I am trying to way with my work.  Words help in translation and add meaning, sometimes even guidance in appreciating a work.  I think I have learnt this from my collaboration with Fiona Dempster over the years.

This week I actually made two of these books - one, I posted on Instagram and it is my least favourite.  This book has a couple more pages and less busy embossing and is far more gentle and quiet.  

To complete this book I made it a cover out of a lovely grey Magnani paper - can't remember what it was called!   The books slips in from the left side.


  1. Oh my - this is a stunner. I love Ondaatje's writing as well - but often think he writes so beautifully I forget to focus on what he is saying! I like the way this one reads, and the tiniest of fragments - and oh, what the words say - so true! The paper might be Pescia?

    1. Very glad you loved this F. It really reminds me of you and your gentle work.


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