Sunday, 11 February 2018

6/52 'snow on the mountains' .....

This is the smallest of the books I have made thus far , only about 8 x 10cms.  I have had a fairly busy week but as I have committed to making a book a week I am allowing myself latitude with complexity, or lack thereof, when I only have time to do something simple.  So this little concertina book was born, made from a pen and ink drawing of mine from a few years back which has just been sitting around in one of my many 'desk piles'.  You can see a few 'snow' marks here on the page above.  I think I stopped at that page envisioning that I would do an overlay of snow fall though never did.  One day I may include that in the book but I am already having to think about a book for next week!

Nothing precious about this little book other than I think it works quite neatly folded and only revealing snippets of the drawing at a time.  That quintessential element we love about the book format where only a little is revealed with any one glimpse.


  1. love how the folds bring new dimension to your drawing

  2. Susan -- I am really enjoying your weekly books! I'm doing a daily art project this year, as I have every year since 2003, but can see how when it's "only" once a week you can get sucked into really ambitious projects that end up taking more time than you might have wished. I know you'll find your momentum as the year goes by. Keep them coming!!


I appreciate your comments - thank you!