Tuesday, 19 July 2016

an abundance of green .....

Never tired of nature's greenery though I rarely ever use green in my artwork.  Summertime in Europe is so green and colourful and whether in large gardens or small pots out on the windowsill, people take advantage of introducing this verdant greenery or splashes of colour to bring life to the grey of old, ageing or decaying buildings which surround them.  It is a contrast I adore, but here, rather than celebrate all the grey and decay that so intrigues me, I am celebrating all the greens.

From the hydrangeas in a walk around one of the parks in central Milan, to  the trees outside the city of Carcassonne, and the greenery of peeped over hedges enjoyed on long walks, to the formality of the gardens of Marquessac and informal walks National Parks or in homes were we spent the night, and then onto the glorious gardens around Lake Como - Villa del Balbianello and the foreshores of Bellagio along to the Chinese Garden in the garden of Villa Melzi.

Who would think of green as just one colour and not a huge palette .....?



Walking around the countryside near our villa in Lauzert.

and peeping over hedges ....

And my most favourite of gardens for its sheer expanse and formality (all green hedges or topiaries). 

I was here with Pip in 2000 three years after the garden was spread out along the hilltop, and sixteen years later I could admire how much more mature the garden had become.

There a few of the Cabanas spread through the garden - they are typical of the area.

The garden around the Chateau is magnificent but this garden then spreads for acres covering the whole of the hill upon which it sits and you can do the 7km walk around and take in 360 degrees of views over the Dordogne Valley.

A long walk we did in Pilat - up to Cret de la Perdrix.

One of the B and B's we stayed in - complete with well

and ivy growing over all sorts of surfaces.

The home was built in the 1400's and has been owned by the one family for 200 years.  In need of massive renovation but I loved my stay here almost best - had the very best meal cooked by our hostess that night.

Most of the produce for the meal from her garden.

This peaceful scene of Lake Laux in the Italian Alps became Turin's Montville on a Sunday.  Hundreds of people exited the city and came here to picnic on the green banks of what we thought was a completely secluded little spot!

Ah ..... Villa del Balbianello.

You may recognise the gardens from Star Wars or Casino Royal.

I adored it here.  Formal but not too ornate as some of the Italian gardens are with all their statues and flourishes.

Fascinated by these topiaried oleanders and are planning some plantings like this in Montville.

Looks like autumn in the middle of summer - very clever plantings in this Chinese Garden.

We arrived home a couple of days ago after a thoroughly enjoyable trip and so this is the last of the travel posts.  I have been doing very little in the studio of late but will be back into it and hopefully working hard in September getting ready for the next of this years exciting Printmaking Projects. 


  1. Green is a wonderful color to live with ... cool in summer and warm in winter

  2. such fabulous gardens & photos!

  3. Hi SB - and now you are home - amongst your own green. Still I must say that there was a lot of vibrate green in this post. Loved the well and the bell. B

  4. wow, thank you for the little european tour. it was lovely!

  5. So much green... appearing so cool and welcoming and breath invoking... beautiful images.


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