Wednesday, 18 May 2016

out of the blue .....

A couple of weeks ago, just before heading off on a short holiday, I received an email which kept me grinning and floating all day.

All I have seen from you... made with your warms hands and a lot of silencie and love,
is simply inspiring... sure more than that for me,
so I must write you to say a big big THANKS

Keep On Susan ! Keep ypur light on !

This arrived from a beautiful man in Spain - Juanan, to whom I wrote and thanked for lifting my day,  asking if he would be happy for me to post on this email which arrived out of the blue.  I have also included his response.

Dear Susan...

Use all the words, put them besides your interior light and keep your interior soul struggling... Day by day, with smiles and stars... What you do i try to do everyday, and when i see your works is not just emotion is also and strongly an impulse... I mean, a motor...
What you create could be that for many many people, i know... And i'm pretty sure of that...
Your feelings and your sensibility is for me and many others a kind of reflection, an example of how to live a creative and happy life.

Your words are also for me, this morning a closer light... A mate how is telling me more than thanks... A warm hug...

So yes... Keep on like water! Flowing!

All the best to you susan... And thanks for your kind response...

Here you will have a small listener forever !

It has been months since I last posted - November last year in fact, and I have really been struggling to get back in the habit.  Truth is I miss it!  But it was receiving this gorgeous email from Juanan which made me realise that we never know who is reading our blogs, who is drawing inspiration from what we do, who has the heart to write and say 'I miss hearing from you' when you stop writing. 

It is a gift, much like receiving other gifts through the mail which delight and thrill, and certainly inspire one to get back down into the studio and do some work.  So here I am, back in the studio, not quite doing my own work as yet though I have been busy down here with bits and pieces.  I have visitors to the Studio on Friday so must have a good clean up and find some work to show them!

These photos are two of the other beautiful gifts that have come my way in the last little while.  They too keep me smiling.

Thank you to those who keep encouraging and inspiring me.  


  1. Your posts and your work certainly are an inspiration to me, and I am delighted that you have posted again.

    1. Hello Olga - you have been such a staunch supporter of me and my work. Thank you for your lovely comment. I will now need to keep up my posts and spend some time visiting blogs and reconnecting. Thank you :-)

  2. Hooray for your return! I miss your postings.

    1. Thanks Diane. It makes me warm and fuzzy to know I have been missed. I doubt I will be prolific as I am about to head overseas, but soon .....!

  3. I missed you too, Susan. Keep on going ! Glad to have you back !

    1. What a beautiful surprise to hear from you Annick. I will keep on going ....
      Let's face it, when we are not creating, we shrink inside.

  4. Aren't they just - really really need to include more blue into my work. It is transporting where my palette is often more grounding! Feel the need for wings ...

  5. So lovely to get inspiration from the ether - hope you find things to share and blog about on your travels...

    1. Hello my friend - seems ages since I touched base with you through blog land! Thank you for welcoming me back. Will certainly try to be blogging once or twice a week which will be easier once I am home and back in the studio methinks. In between times I will jsut ramble :-)

  6. Hi SB - good to see you back sharing your inspirations and achievements. Go well. B


I appreciate your comments - thank you!