Wednesday, 12 June 2013

ode to fallen angels .....

ON looking at these images you may wonder about the title of this post!  No clues in the graphics here ....  Many years ago a soul mate of mine died fairly suddenly and in an outpouring of emotion I wrote (scribbled) many of Dylan Thomas's poems in an obscure manner on three sheets of perspex which I subsequently printed.  They were never wonderful engravings but having come across them today, I decided that rather than throwing them away, I would cut up the engravings and make them into a book called 'ode to fallen angels'.

I am out of practice with blogging and forgot to photograph them before I cut them into strips, however, here are a few images of the 'pre' book and I hope in the next few days to show what I have done with/to/in it.

One of the many things I love about this form of digital diary, is that I have a photographic record not only of the finished product, but also about the way in which a piece is made or in a case like this, what the work looked like before I began to alter it.  Ultimately, I am hoping that the concept will look better as an artist's book, than as a series of engravings.


  1. This is a fascinating idea and I love the subtle grey marks.

  2. SB - these images are stunningly beautiful; and what a beautiful ode to a friend; and to have it as one of your sacred and kept books would be such a precious memory. Go well. B

    1. Thanks B. I really do hope to turn this ode into something special and then treasure it. Certainly will be a keeper with all that sentiment in it. x

  3. Thank you all. I love the fact that you can post on something that you are not completely sure about and plan to change quite a bit, and then find that people respond to the work just as it is! I hope I don't mess up as I change the imagery ......

  4. Simply stunning! Can't wait to see them - I'm sure what you will add will continue to strengthen the story...

  5. These are beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to a soul mate.

  6. i like the quality of line, white/black in these pieces.


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