Friday, 17 May 2013

totally gorgeous day .....

a totally gorgeous
crisp and bright blue day
here in Montville
reminding me of the few
cold but blue spanish days.
A few sunlit photos to remind me - 
looks like autumn to me but in fact
those would be early spring photos in 
Spain - and COLD not crisp!

I loved the deep warm reds and oranges against the metal doors.  Hope you do too.  Enjoy this glorious day wherever you are x


  1. I love these photos, such wonderful color harmony between branches and doors, yet wondrful contrasts of line and shape/pattern - wonderful.

    It was a gorgeous day in the Eastern US, too, warm spring day.

  2. Great photos. I've seen those Autumn colours in our Spring as well. Great to capture before the green takes over.

  3. SB - love the rosehips contrasted against the rest - thanks for sharing. B

  4. So much beauty... It feels like autumn in Spain too, May has been surprisingly cold and rainy. And the vegetation is riotous! Wish you could see it. XX


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