Sunday, 29 April 2012

the beginning of something wonderful ...

I couldn't wait until tomorrow.
Have been smiling all week
and totally absorbed.
Sometimes it only takes a nudge in a different direction
to help you realise something you have
been trying to say.
Thank you Fiona.

Just  a small glimpse again at some of the images formed in my 'our' book.  Tomorrow will be such a celebration of what we have done this week when the two books meet again for their photo shoot!


  1. Beautiful! I came over the other day via Fiona, now I'm hooked. Look forward to seeing the results of the project.

    1. Hello Valerianna - I am hooked too and I think this is something Fiona and I are really looking forward to developing further.

  2. oooh yes, looking fabulous xoxox

  3. Oh! How I wish I could see the books in person. They're both exquisite.

  4. Thanks Noela - we are having fun for sure and I think good things are coming out of it.
    You are right Jennifer - the books, like most things, look better in the flesh.
    Hello Robyn. Lovely to have you come by my blog. I have had many delicious wanders around yours and really love what you do, but also what you say and what show us with others' work.

  5. Susan it is looking so beautiful and the nudges have been in both directions, gentle reminders and rememberings in a way. I said to B tonight - it feels as if my book is going on a first date tomorrow afternoon! So looking forward to it...

  6. My book just needs a few stitches before it is ready for that date! Been deliberating. Still not quite resolved ... Only two folios so not great for Coptic. Think I have worked out an idea - very simple. See you on the dance floor ...

  7. such delicious images
    I too would love to see and hold...

    xox - eb.

  8. ooooh! the pricked vellum paper!
    the handwriting peeking through
    translucent layers...
    pure joy!

  9. Thank you eb and Anca. Today Is the end of what for us has been World Book Week but the beginning of an ongoing collaboration I am sure. Looking forward to seeing the books together.

  10. Indeed these books are magical. Bookmaking seems magical in and of itself. I'm just starting out. A newbie for sure. Your blog is an inspiration. thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your art.


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