Monday, 7 March 2022

mother of crows .....

Recently I have been examining what it is that makes an artist's book, how to tell the story effectively, wondering whether words are needed and so forth.  I don't know that there really is a definitive answer.  Some books just work well and then others seem to miss the mark.  I doubt there is a formula for the success of an artist's book because, as it is with most artwork, the success or not is in the eye of the viewer and is purely subjective.

Sometimes work just resounds for someone and the person standing beside them may have no emotional response to the work at all.  The last time I posted I was showing a book that for me just did not work.  There seemed no reason visually or otherwise for it to exist as a book.  It worked as a print though  somehow did not break down to tell a convincing story.

I like to think that this version of a 'mother of crows' book leads the viewer through a more comprehensive story.  It is made from an etching which has used before but I have taken apart and rearranged this one differently, adding more layers and words.

This book was made as a demonstration for what I have been teaching of late so I may have over loaded it a little but it stands up nicely to tell its story in a slow reveal, rather than reading the whole story laying flat where all is revealed and there is no mystery.

It is a personal story of the crows in our garden.  We are on top of a hill so mostly we are looking down on crows even though they are flying high.  One spring a couple built a nest atop a tall tree in the garden, high up from the ground but for us, we were able to watch the process at eye level.  Enchanting.

I have used black thread to sew this book which is a version of a concertina or accordion book.  I think the thread suits the book and makes me think of fine twigs.

I don't often do artwork on both sides of a book but thought this print on fine tengucho paper added to the work.  I also demonstrated and therefore made for myself a simple folded and glued box to protect this book.

and now it is neatly tucked away .....


  1. this is why I love the back-story, whatever artform it might be ... how after the telling of it, the varying heights of the middle ties led my eyes up and down and up again ...

  2. Sounds exactly like an artist’s book should be Liz. Something that takes you on a walkabout …. Thank you for your lovely comment.


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